Nicolette Bader

Mental Health Therapist

My passion for psychology started in 11th grade, as I remember sitting in AP Psychology being in awe of human sciences and its evolution. After successfully completing my Master of Counselling from City University of Seattle, and through the experience of my Internship, I feel passionate when saying that a person’s therapeutic journey starts with attachment and security. To meet the needs of each individual, an eclectic approach to counselling is necessary, as “one size does not fit all”. In addition to specialized Play Therapy training, I have also begun training in Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT), realizing that animals provide a unique connection to humans, by meeting sensitive attachment needs. I am eager to utilize my skills to help clients navigate moments in their life that elicit big feelings.

I am considered a Third Culture Kid (TCK) who spent 12 years of my developmental childhood years living overseas in Perth, Australia, Doha, Qatar, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, and Singapore, Singapore. My expanded worldview and cultural competency from this experience is an asset I bring into counselling when being mindful of cultural diversity, loss and grief, and identity confusion.

Prior to psychology, I have been in a management position in the childcare field and with this experience and acquisition of valuable knowledge, I am able to provide leadership, organization, resources, and the natural ability to connect and play with children, at their development level. Over the years, I have been able to refine and demonstrate these areas exceptionally well.

As a mother of two high-spirited preschool daughters, I have personally grown and become more mindful of the struggles of parenthood and have created ways to increase the importance of self-care, reflection and growth. My experience in child care and being a parent has given me the opportunity to see the language of play that is spoken by children. This is language I have re-learnt to ‘speak’, and bring into sessions with my youth clients. I hope to show my daughters, as their role model, appropriate ethical perspectives and language, passion, independence, dedication, and determination. Values that translate into my therapeutic practice with clients.

I am committed to learning from my colleagues, clients, and resources to ensure that I remain in the know of current information to help shape my eclectic and subjective approach to interventions. Ultimately, I can provide a safe environment for you and your family, where your individual needs are heard, and your therapeutic journey is supported. I look forward to meeting you and to learning more about your story!

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